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Lolita Nymphet Pics


Related article: I bet a lot of fans would love to see a tour again. It
was really successful last time.
Well, uhm, I don't know. Maybe five years from now when we're
all going downhill and we need money.
We have time for one more question before the guys have
to go.
Justin - What's the greatest sacrafice you've given to Brian and
your son, Angel?
Ooh, could the questions be anymore juicier!!!
Sacrafice? I think any and everything I do for them isn't a
sacrafice but something Lolita Nymphet Pics
I'd willingly do to have them.
The greatest sacrafice would probably be one of my close
friends. He didn't understand how much I love Brian and my son and it
became a conflict for us. I wish we were better friends, but not the way
he's acted in the past.
To have Brian and my son, I'd pretty much sacrafice a lot of
things. :)
That's all the guys have time for now... thanks for all
of the questions! Thank you to *NSYNC too!
Thanks everyone!
Lance has got to get back on his phone now! He is such a loser.
This chat was fun, but now I've got to go take care of my son.
THANK YOU FANS!!! We love you!
You peeps rock! Thanks for the chat.
Pace and hair grease ya'll! I love ya'll! Got to go see my
babies now. I'll tell them you said "What's up!" LOL. :)
Get the new album when it comes out!
End transmission. Ya'll have had enough.
"I told you!" Adam boasted, laughing wildly as he exited the chat. He
pointed toward Carrie while continuing to laugh, his eyes shut tightly as
the laughter overtook him. "Told me what? He is so not gay. Didn't you
see him talking about his first girlfriend and his first love." Carrie
hissed back, folding her arms in disappointment. Adam rolled his eyes
immediately, clicking off the screen. "It's a cover up. He's getting blow
jobs from dudes and telling everyone else about that girl from Innosense."
Adam boasted, spinning around in his chair. "Whatever." Carrie huffed,
crossing her arms while shaking her hips arrogantly.
"Who cares? They could all be gay and I'd still want to marry each and
every one of them." Danielle brooded, stepping away from the two. "The
forever dreamer." Adam crooned, reclining in his seat. "And the endless
asshole." Danielle boasted back before exiting the room quietly.
"You don't really think he's gay, do you?" Carrie asked quietly, unfolding
her arms and staring directly into Adam's eyes, her own eyes filled with
hope and cocnern. Adam groaned loudly before throwing his hands into the
air, turning back to the computer while Carrie sighed faithlessly.
Justin stood outside of the Wright Compound, his eyes focused on the
purplish sky with a lonesome expression holding his face. "What are ya
thinking about?" Joey asked, leaning on Justin and Brian's BMW M Roadster
with a questionable expression. "Brian. The chat. My son. *NSYNC. You
and Britney. Brian." Justin replied shortly, sighing loudly. He
reluctantly lowered his eyes to look at Joey, nibbling on his lower lip
nervously. "Brian." he said again, a little softer. Joey nodded, drapping
an arm around Justin's shoulders. "What's wrong? Has he been acting funny
again?" Joey wondered. Justin shook his head immediately, glancing back up
to the sky. He crossed his arms and twisted his lips. "We're just Lolita Nymphet Pics starting
to get things back to where we feel totally comfortable around each other
again and now he's about to go on tour... for almost two and a half months."
Justin replied, his eyes still locked on the moving dark clouds in the sky.
"Worried he might lost some of that warmth?" Joey wondered. "No, worried he
might do like I did and almost sleep with someone else." Justin responded
low and shamefully. "Justin, you don't think Brian would cheat on you."
Joey hissed, slipping his arm from around his friend. Justin's silence
worried him. "Do you?" he questioned with a harder voice. Justin just
chewed on his lower lip, squinting his eyes.
Joey groaned lowly, slapping Justin's arm lightly. "Don't you doubt him,
J, do you hear me? Don't you get it in your head that just because you were
confused and you were alone on tour and you fucked up that one time that
he's going to do the same." Joey insisted. Justin licked his lips quickly,
his throat a little dry with fear. "I trust him, Joe. I trust my baby
beyond belief, but I know the feelings. I know the ache. I know what it's
like to sleep without his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder.
Without that, you get Lolita Nymphet Pics an itch and it's hard not to scratch." Justin replied,
his voice still low. "Brian won't scratch." Joey assured Justin, rubbing
his arm carefully. His words were so true and so undeniable that Justin had
to lift his eyes again and sigh a little happier.
"But you did, Joey. It's so hard for me to keep this faith going in all
of us when I know that it's just so easy to let go of what you have. I
never thought that would happen to you and Britney, but it did." Justin
said, his voice soft Lolita Nymphet Pics and cautious. Joey scratched his beard and nodded,
turning his eyes away from Justin. "You know, Chris said the same thing
about JC and Lance. He never thought they'd break up. I never thought that
you and Brian would actually separate until it happened. It can happen, but
sometimes, it doesn't have to." Joey responded. Lolita Nymphet Pics
Justin nodded once more,
fooling with the hem of his shirt.
"You don't hate me for what happened between me and Britney, do you?" Joey
asked, tilting his head to look at Justin. "No. I couldn't hate you Joey,
not for that. I've been there, I've done that. I'm hurt because she's like
a sister to me and to see her cry like she did made me mad, but I have faith
that God will work things out for the better." Justin replied confidently.
Joey pressed his lips together, humming while glancing up to the sky. "Do
you miss her?" Justin asked, his voice still stretched out with softness.
Joey nodded. How could he not? "One way or another, things are going to
work out Joey." Justin assured his friend. "I know. Either we'll be
together or we'll be friends, but Lolita Nymphet Pics
I'll let her decide what's right." Joey
agreed, lowering his brow while trying to smile. "If me and my baby worked
things out, I'm sure you and her will come to a good resolution." Justin
smiled, nudging his friend. Joey finally pressed out the smile and nodded
With glowing, tepid blue eyes, JC watched Joey and Justin laugh together
and talk casually. He leaned against his own car, sighing endlessly while
watching the two. "You miss that, don't you?" Lance asked, his low voice
startling JC little. JC nodded helplessly, pulling his eyes away from them.
He couldn't have that anymore. He could no longer laugh and smile with
Justin in the way he wanted. But there was no one to blame but himself.
JC turned his eyes on Lance, curious with the way Lance held a small smile
for him. "Did you mean it?" JC asked, slipping his hands into his pockets.
Lance arched an eyebrow, his beaming green eyes squinting. "Did I mean
what?" Lance wondered, scratching the back of his head. JC smiled lightly,
a smooth cockiness flickering in his eyes. "Did you mean that you regretted
ending our relationship in Hawaii?" JC finally asked, licking his lips.
"You ended our relationship when you had sex with Nick." Lance reminded him,
his voice cold. JC ssighed, letting his chin lower. "I know that Lance,
but..." JC cut himself off, not wanting to go there again. There wasn't
anything left there for him.
He felt Lance's nimble fingers on his chin, lifting it and catching his
eyes. "Yeah, I regret hurting you the way I did in Hawaii and I won't deny
that I hated ending our relationship, at any and every point that I did."
Lance whispered to JC, dropping his fingers to JC's collarbone. JC smoothed
open his thick lips, words hoping to escape and rescue his heart.
"Did you mean it when you said that I was one of the best relationships
you've ever had?" Lance asked, brushing cool fingertips over the skin on
JC's neck. "Without a doubt," JC sighed out. He let his own hand lift and
rest on Lance's hip, the way it used to when they were together, the way it
used to when they were in love.
"Josh, I'm not in love with you anymore, not like then. I have Bryce."
Lance said quietly, lightly pushing JC's hand from his hip while Lolita Nymphet Pics withdrawing
his own hand from JC's neck. "And I have Nick." JC replied, taking a small
step Lolita Nymphet Pics back. "Do you?" Lance questioned him, batting his soft lashes
sincerely. "I hope so." JC whispered back. "I hope so too Josh because I
don't want to be happy while you suffer. To me, it's just not right." Lance
stated, patting JC's shoulder before walking past him, leaving JC Lolita Nymphet Pics
to stand
and ponder. "I won't ever be alone James. You'll always be right there in
the corner of my heart." JC whispered, taking a look at the sky and trying
to decide how his heart could decide where it belonged.
--- Well, those last paragraphs with the guys was impromptu. I didn't plan
on writing any dialogue or interaction between them, but I sort of felt it
was necessary. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed that portion of fan
appreciation. I'm so VERY sorry that the Brian birthday story hasn't come
out yet and neither has the fan appreciation story. I have the fan story
pretty much mapped out thanks to the help of several readers! But I can't
find the time to write anymore. There's problems with employees at my job
and since I'm a shift manager, I have to work to make up for the ones that
won't work. So I worked close to 100 hours in two weeks the past few weeks.
But I'm writing whenever I'm not too tired to write. So bare with me,
please. Sorry I haven't responded to e-mail either, I don't find time to,
but I have everyone's letter saved and will get to them soon enough. Write
to me about this story, okay? I'll try and reply! Thanks for reading!!!

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